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When 'Babe' Can Surprised in DC Fashion Week Event

22 March 2018
When 'Babe' Can Surprised in DC Fashion Week Event

A surprise occurred at the prestigious event DC Fashion Week in Washington DC, United States (US) which held on 25 February 2018 ago.

The surprise came from design of the Indonesia designer, Anna Mariana. From list of 10 international designers in International Couture Collections Show, only Anna Mariana which representative of Indonesia featuring a unique collection of specially designed outfit from traditional weaving and handmade songket with the latest creation called 'Babe'.

"The fashion collection which I showcased at DC Fashion Week was everything created specifically," Anna Mariana explained at the House of Marsya, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/3).

In front of about 400 invited guests consisting of fashion watchers, fashion bloggers, fashion store owners, fashion stylist to celebrities and socialites at Franklin Square 1315 K St NW, Washington DC, 20 of the exclusive costume designs Anna exhibited by international models compete with the design from six designers US, Senegal, France and Ukraine.

The design is a combination of design motive weaving and songket characteristic of Bali and Betawi is directly designed by Anna with the determination of color, and design on the motives of the fabric of this weaving and songket.

"The model deliberately tailored to the taste of westerners who love the more opened and casual clothes," said Anna.

On the motive of Bali, Anna put patterned poleng motive, which is woven black and white plaid fabric (Rwabhineda) which become very popular and become icon in Balinese community.

According to him, in the Hindu community in Bali, Rwabhineda is a philosophy that symbolizes two opposing traits. Such as black and white, good and bad, long and short, rich and poor, and so on.

As for the nuances of Betawi weaving and songket which is the masterpiece designed, Anna designed the motives with famous icons from Betawi like Monas, Ondel-ondel and so on.

Anna uses the yarn in a special red and white color to weave it. This as a symbol of the color of the Red and White flag as a characteristic of Indonesia. In addition, there is also a touch of Garuda bird motive which symbol of the country and also known as the symbol of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

"I am trying to understand what to present in the prestigious fashion event out there, our national icons and nationalities should also be shown," said the designer who has been known as the pioneer and devotee of the culture of Indonesian woven fabric and songket.

Through this nuanced woven dress and traditional Balinese handmade songket and Betawi, Anna also hopes to share her knowledge as well as become a promotional event of Indonesian culture to the audience who attend, especially public in Washinton DC.

And her hope was not in vain. She got a good appreciation from the invited guests who attended. In fact, she was asked to prepare her design on big event, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) which will be held next September.

"I am eager to continue to create, and give birth to the latest work, as well as creating Betawi weaving and songket that has never been created by our ancestors before," she said.

Talking about similar products that become competitor, Anna claims if no one can match the results of batik and weaving from Indonesia.

"Even from China. They are printing specialists, and we are the only ones homemade," said Anna. 

Going forward, she will continue to effortlessly introduce and promote weaving and songket as a unique Indonesian cultural product to the international level.

"I am sure, weaving and songket Indonesia can continue worldwide and Go International. For that, I seek to establish partnerships abroad who by chance asked me to sell this Indonesian handmade products to all over the world," said Anna.

She also has an interesting record related her plan to New York Fashion Week (NYFW). NYFW producer/committee who was banned by the outside designers to no longer present fashion designers from Indonesia, after Annisa Hasibuan illegal case exposed.

"They spoke frankly, before meeting with me, there is a concern to re-show the Indonesian designer. I just said that that case just a disaster, and convince them that many Indonesian designers are still good. Alhamdulillah, I am trusted to be NYFW as the representative of Indonesia, and in the near future they will come to Indonesia to visit to see my work," said Anna.

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